Nova Filters- The Best Whole House Water Filter

Posted by Bob on 2nd May 2022

Unlike other whole house water filters, the Nova home drinking water filtration system is one-size-fits-all.It is capable of filtering up to 26,000 gallons before replacement. You can monitor the dura … read more

Microplastics why are they in your water?

Posted by Cathy on 2nd May 2022

Microplastics has been found in tap water across the world, including the United States. In fact, the US has some of the highest rates of microplastics in drinking water of any country in the world. T … read more

Understand the Coconut Carbon in Nova Filters

Posted by Landon on 2nd May 2022

Now lets look at the Coconut Carbon in Nova FiltersCarbons are made from different raw materials possessing vastly different pore size ranges and iodine ratings, which lend themselves toward certa … read more

No salt softener Scam!

Posted by Bob on 2nd May 2022

Should You Invest in a Wannabe “No Salt Softener”? The No Salt Softener concept implies that you will receive the same benefits as a conventional softener. These systems are not certified by any gove … read more

Myths About Hard Water

Posted by Bob on 2nd May 2022

MYTH #1 - Water softeners are safe for the environment FACT: Water softeners cause considerable damage to the environment.Numerous studies have shown that automatic water softeners can produce a sal … read more