The Importance of Water Filtration

Posted by Cathy on 2nd May 2022

Improved taste and smell

Filtered water has a lot of great benefits that are completely unrelated to health. Perhaps the most obvious benefit is the great taste and smell. Tap water has a tendency to taste and smell like chlorine. Distilled water, on the other hand, is too bland as it is deprived of a huge percentage of its mineral deposits. Filtered water combines all the necessary mineral deposits that make it taste good while extracting the contaminants of tap water.

Lower cost

The cost is also a very important benefit. Filtration is a much cheaper way of ensuring your family has healthy drinking water. Many are becoming aware of the harmful effects of tap water. However, the easiest solution is bottled water, which is significantly more expensive than tap water. This, in the long run, is also much more expensive than simply installing a house water filter. The initial cost may be a bit disconcerting, but it is much cheaper in the long run.


One factor that many people don’t consider when choosing how to consume water is the impact on the environment. Water filtration is one of the most environmentally-friendly options on the market. While bottled water results in millions of plastic bottles in the oceans, filtered water does not have the same degrading effect on the environment.

The Advantages of Filtered Water

To help you better understand the benefits of filtered water, we’ve broken down the most important advantages of water filtration:

  • May help mitigate the risk of cancer by getting rid of a wide range of carcinogenic contaminants
  • Increases hydration
  • May reduce the risk of gastrointestinal diseases
  • Helps support natural growth and development in children
  • May help reduce the risk of birth defects in pregnant women
  • Strengthens the natural immune system
  • Retains healthy mineral deposits in the water
  • Improved flavor and smell


Obtaining a Nova is one of the best ways to maintain your family’s good health. Water is a necessity of life and consuming contaminated water can have many negative short and long-term effects. However, the benefits of filtered water can only be enjoyed if you choose the right filter to meet your needs.

Don’t be swayed by water filter manufacturers who portray their filters as the ultimate solution to all of your problems. It is important to do your research before purchasing a filter. Nonetheless, taking that step and purchasing a water filter is very important. Clean water is a necessity for a happy and healthy life.