Buying Guide

Please review each of our water filtration products and their applications

Whole House Filter

The most effective product for pure water is our Whole House Water filter.
If you have issues with taste odor chlorine/chloramines causing dry itchy skin altering hair dyes. Further, sediment which can cause discolored clothes in your washing machine. Many customer complain of lime/scale or calcium deposits on faucets, shower heads and other surfaces.  The fact is in most locations it is usually sediments not lime/scale or calcium that causes this and a Nova filter excels in this filtration. Best thing you have great purified water to drink.

Maintenance-the filters need to replaced after 26,000 gallons of water used.

Reverse Osmosis

This unit is 5 stage water purification is perfect for those that wish to have the ultimate in water purification 99.99% but it is only point of use typicality installed at the kitchen sink. For drinking & cooking (so not through the whole house)
Maintenance-the filters and membrane need to replaced 12-18 months.

Water Softener

As the name implies it softens the water by removing calcium & magnesium, when removed the water will be softer.
No maintenance required per se but requires the addition of salt or potassium chloride every few months.


The whole house filter is the primary water treatment to installed first, a softener may be added but in many locations may not need it. the Whole house may meet your needs.
The reverse osmosis can be installed after the whole house filter as an added option
If you need help making a decision on what right for your home & family please email us
We promise to guide you on the pros/cons of each and why ours are more effective than other brands.