Reverse Osmosis RO

What is reverse osmosis?

The reverse osmosis process will purify water and make it safe for consumption by removing contaminants using a specialized water filter called a membrane.

This membrane is an ultra-fine strainer that removes impurities from the water, including; dirt, bacteria, pharmaceuticals, pesticides, heavy metals and chemicals.

The water is subjected to pressure that helps to separate the good pure water from the impurities.

The 99.8% purified water goes to your drinking water faucet tap, leaving behind the impurities which are then flushed safely down the drain. This results in clean, refreshing and safe water that is free from harmful substances.

Don't we need the minerals in our drinking water?

With regard to removing minerals from drinking water, we get an insignificant amount of minerals from our drinking water. In fact, you would typically need to drink 24 quarts of water daily for adequate mineral intake.

Instead, we obtain most of the mineral content our bodies need from our diet.

We sell a 5-stage RO System is complete with 3 Pre-Filter Cartridges, Reverse Osmosis Membrane Element, In-line Carbon filter, a Designer Chrome-Plated Faucet, Storage Tank, Installation Kit, Filter and Membrane wrenches, and all components required for automatic operation.

Reverse Osmosis

$379.00 USD

Reverse Osmosis

$645.00 USD

Parts/Reverse Osmosis

$159.00 USD

Reverse Osmosis

$450.00 USD
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