Water Softeners

Welcome to Nova Water Softeners

Are you dealing with the effects of hard water (calcium deposits) in your home? Look no further than our selection of top-notch water softeners. "Hard water" is a common issue caused by high mineral content, such as calcium and magnesium. While safe to consume, hard water can lead to damaging buildup in your plumbing and less effective soap usage.

Our Nova Softener is a reliable solution for households of up to 4 people, offering lower water usage thanks to its innovative built-in metered paddle wheel system. Say goodbye to the hassle of weekly timer regeneration and hello to consistently clean and soft water throughout your home.

Despite the slight addition of sodium during the softening process, the benefits far outweigh any concerns for sensitive individuals. With a focus on quality and performance, the Nova brand water softener excels at eliminating harmful minerals and improving water quality for you and your family.

Don't let hard water cause long-term damage to your plumbing and surfaces. Invest in a water softener today and enjoy the many benefits of cleaner, healthier water for your household.