Filter Changes

Nova Filter Change Guide lines

To be fully effective at removing chlorine and other contaminants you should not exceed 26,000

The question we're asked most often is how can I determine how much I used.

It's not based on time (months) or the pressure gauges

1. Call the water dept they can tell you over the phone (their number is on your HOA Bill)
2. If your HOA doesn't indicate how much water is drinking or potable Vs irrigation the best way is have us add on a water meter.
3. look at your HOA bill

It's easy, under "usage in gallons" in the example bill below you can see your monthly usage.
Just divide that number into 26,000
(in the example below 2,730 into 26,000 equals 9, so this home would change filters about every 9 months) Your home may be different average use is 2-4,000 gallons a month.


Or 9-12 months is a simple time frame

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Average cartridge condition after 26,000 of removing contaminants