Question: What is included in the yearly filter change service?
Answer: We change the
filters out for a brand new set of filters and we preform an inspection inside and out of the system. 

Question: Do I call you for a filter change or do you call me?
Answer: The homeowner needs to call us. This is because the filters are based on household water usage, which varies per household. You should have a filter change every 26,000 gallons but keep in mind that you should not surpass one calendar year before having your filters changed. 

Question: Can I change these myself? 
Answer: Yes. We offer filter pickups at our warehouse located in Wildwood, or shipped. Most often we have people that struggle to take off the canisters and struggle with the weight of each canister. The safest option is to have
one of our highly trained technicians to do the dirty work for you. 

Question: Do I need a water softener? 
Answer: That's a great option to softener water, but not required, the Whole House Filter is more important.

Question: How long does an installation take? 
Answer: about an hour.

Question: How long does a filter change take? 
Answer: 15-25 minutes
Question: Do you offer an extended warranty? 
Answer: Yes! We now over a 5 year extended warranty for each of our systems. Protect your equipment with peace of mind 

Question: What about my hot water expansion tank?
Answer: our team will check your hot water expansion tank when they come to your home as a courtesy. We will give you a report on whether or not
your system needs to be replaced and action steps in order to make sure
it gets done in order to protect your home and the systems in your