No salt softeners

Should You Invest in a Wannabe “No Salt Softener”?
The No Salt Softener concept implies that you will receive the same benefits as a conventional softener.
These systems are not certified by any governing body as “water softeners.”  
They’re simply NOT water softeners.

Water Quality Association Consumer Alert determined no performance test standard for Physical Treatment Devices exists in the US for “Salt Free” devices. Some scale control devices may partially reduce scaling, but none of these products have been tested to any U.S. national testing standard or certification. None of these products produce soft water.


A water softener, by definition, removes the calcium and magnesium. 
The Pelican, Aquasana or NuvoH2O systems are not water softeners.  These systems do not provide soft water.  They attempt at most to reduce scale, therefore, are “water conditioners.”

That’s a huge distinction.  Scale might build up more slowly, but the water will not “act soft.”  Soap won’t bubble, hair won’t rinse clean and hardness spots on dishes will still appear.

The purpose of these systems is to reduce the rate at which appliances, fixtures and otherwise build up scale as a by-product of hard water.
You can get that result with the Nova whole house water filter plus filtration for a whole lot less investment.

Don’t be miss-led looking for a water softener without salt, “No Salt softeners” the fact is that there is no such thing.
The idea of “no salt water softener systems” is just a marketing trick. If a water softener does not remove calcium, then it is not actually softening anything! Let’s take a closer look at these “salt-free water softeners” to see what they actually do:

Supposedly, a salt-free water softener can soften water while leaving the beneficial minerals and adding no sodium. However, this is impossible. The trick is that marketers say that the water softener “leaves the beneficial minerals in the water.” Calcium and magnesium are both beneficial minerals. Thus, these softeners don’t actually soften the water at all. These softeners “work” by suspending the calcium and magnesium without removing them. Instead, they bind these minerals together.
Pelican can’t support this process with any USA based testing facility including the AQA.Org

In short, “salt-free water softeners” are just a marketing scheme designed to trick you into buying the product. Only a salt or potassium chloride-based water softener removes calcium and magnesium from water. So, if you’re looking for the best water softener without salt, avoid No Salt systems.

It's amazing that companies like Nuvo H2O, Pelican, Aquasana & Rhino continue to get away with their deception and charge upwards of $4,000-$5,000

Lastly, Magnetic water softeners

Purdue Magnetic Water Treatment Devices Study

Purdue University tested 6 unidentified magnetic water conditioning devices and compared them to untreated water. Testing lasted for 240 days. No beneficial effect was seen for the magnetic treatment devices.

Demonstration and Evaluation of Magnetic Descalers

U.S. Army Corp of Engineers  The findings do not support the claims of the manufacturers regarding the ability of their respective devices to prevent mineral scale formation.

Magnetic Water Treatment Devices - Penn State Study

Penn State University states there is virtually no valid scientific data to support any water treatment benefit from magnetic devices. Although companies use testimonials from “hundreds of satisfied customers” to support their claims, the claims put forth by manufacturers and sales representatives of this devices are without validity.

There are both benefits and drawbacks to softening hard water. While they do help prevent calcium buildup and improve suds, salt based water softeners also adds additional salt to your dietary/drinking water. Potassium based do not. So, you will need to consider all of the factors outlined above when deciding how to proceed.


In any case, if you do want water softeners for home or commercial use, the Nova brand water softener is the best water softener currently available.
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