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We have been a family-owned & operated business since 1974. While we started small in New York, we’ve now grown to provide top-quality water filtration to thousands of residential homes throughout the United States. Additionally, we’ve extended our services to many businesses, including 6 retail aquarium stores.

In 2013, I moved to Florida and began installing our filters in The Villages, a large community in Sumter County, Florida. Thanks to positive feedback from our customers, our business grew very rapidly, serving over 17,000 homes and businesses with high-quality filters at reasonable upfront pricing.

Thanks to this overwhelming demand, my son Brad decided to relocate here and help expand the family business. He is a Navy veteran and has worked family-run aquarium stores for over 20 years. His help allowed our business to meet the water filtration needs of even more homes.

In the past, I designed and installed water filtration systems in reef aquariums on Long Island. Fish actually require better water quality then people, which means that I had to design the best possible water filtration systems. Today, I use my skills to help provide clean and contaminant-free drinking water to people. As a fellow resident of The Villages, I understand the water chemistry & quality in this area, giving me additional insight concerning how best to approach water filtration for the entire community.

The proprietary, custom-designed Triple Whole House Filter is the mainstay of our business. It was originally designed and built over 20 years ago for aquariums. Nowadays, we have evolved our products for residential use.

Nova has received hundreds of positive reviews and positive word-of-mouth marketing over the years. Most recently, “Talk of the Villages” "Multiple Village Facebook  groups"  & “Next Door Neighbor” both gave our services the thumbs up on their social media channels.

Our Whole House Filter installation is reasonably priced. We also offer Reverse Osmosis filters with our 5 stage filters mounted adjacent to your kitchen sink. Finally, we offer designer faucets to complement your existing faucet or sink.

I want to thank all my clients for trusting us with their water filtration system needs. We are a family-run business that takes pride in serving the community with clean drinking water. If you’re interested in our water filtration services, feel free to reach out and contact us today!

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