PFAS forever chemicals in The Villages

The Villages water system among hundreds that reported PFAS above new EPA limits? See our map.

  • Robert Novak

The chemicals are nearly indestructible and have been used widely for decades in food packaging, firefighting foam, and other nonstick and water-repellent items. PFAS can eventually build up in the environment and human bodies, increasing the risk of cancer and other serious health problems

Last year, the EPA began requiring thousands of water systems to test for more than two dozen types of PFAS, in the most wide scale effort ever to track their spread across the United States.  

However, USA TODAY’s analysis shows more than 200 large cities’ systems aren’t yet available in the EPA data set, including Los Angeles, Chicago, Boston, Baltimore and Philadelphia. The number of affected Americans will surely grow as the EPA publishes quarterly updates to its data.

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See map The Villages is one of the areas

Source USA Today