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3-Pack Filter Cartridge Set With Premium Carbon

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This set includes three filter cartridges: 2 Sediment and 1 Nova Super CocoNut Carbon. Our proprietary carbon has the highest purity rating in the USA.
Meeting the requirements of NSF/ANSI for Chlorine Taste and Odor, VOCs and THMs reduction, Lead reduction, Chloramine reduction, California Proposition 65 for Arsenic and other requirements relating to purity and safety of their materials of construction and manufactured is certified by ISO9000 standard.

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A wrench is required for installation.

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3-Pack Filter Cartridge Set With Premium Carbon

$87.50 USD
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Richard Bortner

3-Pack Filter Cartridge Set With Premium Carbon

Eric Morales

The only problem am not receive the notification for the transit of my package, the rest is fine

Vincent Tummino

I can say much as I cant compare to anything else or how it would be without them. I can only go by your word.

Preston Sappington


William Geresy
Water Treatment Filter Maintenance

Maintenance of my Nova water treatment system filters is important for our family. The untreated water out of the tap in my section of the Villages smells like a dump from the mixture of Chlorine and sulfur. The Nova system polishes the water and no longer has any objectionable odor or skin drying Chlorine.

Maintain your system and you will be continually satisfied with the results. They know what they are doing at Nova.
A retired Chemist