Nova Filter Installs


Nova filter & Softener Installs

We can always find a way to get your system installed professionally in a clean manner


Our WHF and Compact softener
img-4609.jpg softener.jpg
newpicfilter-copy.jpg img-4706.jpg

This home was outside The Villages

We installed our WHF on a well


  Home owner had permanent

we split the triple and
made it fit

Note how the pipes are straight,
neat & professional workmanship

 Customer is replacing a two stage filter
because the water never tasted pure

As you can see the 3 Nova 6"X24" above >>


2 canisters below are only 2"X10">>


Here you see the size of the filters
We charge $125 to change all 3
which last 26,000 gallons or about a year


Others charge $65 for the 2 small ones
every 3 months